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Respect Differences

Sawyer is 11 now, and even though he’s come a very long way, he is still very different from his peers. Even though most of the time the kids at his school are understanding about his autism, there are still a few who like to make fun of him for his differences. My prayer is…


This year, Sawyer has discovered and fallen in love with "Bluey"; it’s his latest fixation. I don’t want Sawyer to be made fun of or left out of things because he is into things that the other kids in his grade think are for babies. But I also don’t want to discourage Sawyer from loving…

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“It’s Just What I Do”

Sawyer has developed a new “tic”, or stim. He kind of “chews” or smacks his lips a little on the left side now, and that’s new. I asked him why he does that, and replied “Um, I don’t know. It’s just what I do.”

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Then and Now

It's crazy to think back over our journey with autism. When I think about the frustrated toddler who could only grunt or whine to communicate with us, and then look at the boy he is today with an expansive vocabulary who passes as "normal" to so many, it blows my mind.

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Basketball Season

This week Sawyer started his first season of peewee basketball! I don't care if he sits the bench 90% of the time; seeing how happy he was about those few minutes on the court made him makes it all worth it. ♥